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6 Ways to Cope with a Panic Attack


A panic attack can come when you are least expecting it. When it happens, you will become so frustrated. It will make you waste a lot of your time. There is nothing you would rather do than get rid of it right now. You would want to be productive and get back to what you were doing. Here are a few things to do when you observe that you are having a panic attack:

1. Talk to Yourself

The only person who can help you in this situation is yourself. Thus, better talk to yourself and develop a strategy on what you are supposed to do next. It is not crazy to talk to yourself when a panic attack strikes. In fact, you will observe that even the most successful people in the world talk to them at times. Of course, nobody will answer you but there is nothing like seeing yourself in front of the mirror.

2. Don’t Think About Something Else

It is common to think that it would be better to think about something else when you are having a panic attack. The truth is it would be better to acknowledge that it is happening. When you finally face the facts that you are dealing with it, you will face the consequences that it will pass. Besides, everything in the world comes to an end one way or the other.

3. Take Deep Breaths

There are a lot of breathing exercises that you can do to get that panic attack out of you. You can breathe through your nose or your mouth as long as you would feel like it. There will come a time when this strategy is finally effective and you will feel like not breathing anymore. It will also work to meditate and think nothing in these hard times.

4. Know What Is Going On

If you get a panic attack, it is either you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Once you figure out which one of those four is the case, then you will know how to fix it. If you are hungry, then you can find something to eat. It won’t matter if you are cheating your diet, as long as you are making yourself happy. Yes, the best cure for a panic attack is making yourself happy. When you are tired, better take a short or even long rest. Lie down on your back until you fall asleep. There is a huge chance the panic attack is going to disappear when you wake up.

5. Stop the What Ifs

The What Ifs will never stop so better to stop it while it is still early. Also, turn it into a So What? so you will know the effects of your actions. If some of your actions can turn into bad things, better not do them. The last thing you would want to happen is to get arrested in a crisis like this. It would be better to just stay at home and keep yourself preoccupied with all sorts of things. There are many things to do at home when you feel like it.

6. Avoid Bad Habits


It is alright to smoke and drink once in a while. However, better keep in mind that these things will do nothing but bad stuff to your health. Your panic attack is going to happen a lot more often when you smoke and drink. Better stop while it is still early and not wait until you are too addicted to it. After all, there are a bunch of alternatives you can do that will actually affect your body in a nice way.

After knowing what you will do in the event of a panic attack, these things will happen all the time especially when you are pressured into doing something. It is better to focus on yourself and do the things that you are happy with. For example, if you think you are happy with watching horror movies and stop thinking about things that happened in the past. Besides, there is really nothing you can do since they already happened. Going after the people who did you wrong won’t do you any good and it would be better to focus on the future.


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