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7 Habits for Proper Sleep Hygiene


Health is the balance between the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of a human being. The fundamental foundations of good health are: proper eating, physical activity, social activity, positive affective relationships and good sleep. Unfortunately, few people have become aware of the enormous importance of good sleep. Today we live under great pressure because of the many obligations we have: paying the bills, having a high job performance, being thin, educating children well, among many other duties. For all that, many people forget to sleep properly and that is why they can’t enjoy the benefits that this has.

Then the 7 habits you should follow to maintain good sleep hygiene.

1. Become aware of the importance of good sleep


To get a good night’s sleep, you must first realize how important it is to get a proper night’s rest. While we sleep, the mind and body rest and renew energies, so that the next day you have the mental and physical strength necessary to carry out all your activities. Keep in mind that if you don’t sleep well during the day you’ll be in a bad mood, your job performance won’t be optimal and you’ll always be stressed.

2. Your bedroom should be exclusively for sleeping

Although it may seem incredible many people use the bedroom for activities that have nothing to do with sleeping: working, eating, entertaining themselves on social media, etc. That’s very perjucial for sleep hygiene. If instead of sleeping you use the bedroom for any activity except for sleep, your brain will never relate your bedroom to rest. That’s why you’ll always find it hard to sleep well. From now on just use your bedroom to sleep and have intimacy with your partner.

3. Prepare a suitable environment for a good night’s sleep


A comfortable and pleasant atmosphere to the eye provide a good rest. That’s why your bedroom should always be clean, tidy and with dim light. You can aromatize your bedroom with fragrances of lavender, jasmine or chamomile, which induce deep sleep. When you go to sleep, turn off all the lights. Darkness tells the brain it’s bedtime.

Inside your bedroom should not be these objects: laptop, tablet, cell phone, TV, radio. If inside your bedroom you have any of these objects, you will pay all your attention to them and you will never fall asleep.

4. Have a light dinner


As much as possible, try to dine at least two hours before you go to sleep. Your dinner must be nutritious but light. Eating too much over dinner can hurt your sleep, you can even have nightmares. So eat until you’re satisfied, but don’t overdo it in the amount of food you eat. In addition, eating light during dinner boosts your metabolism.

5. Exercise at an appropriate time


Whenever possible, try training early during the day. If you can only train in the afternoon or at night, make it about five hours before you go to sleep. When you finish exercising, you are full of energy and want to do a lot of activities. That’s why you don’t feel like sleeping and when you go to bed you have a hard time falling asleep. That’s because the brain is very active and doesn’t care about resting. So try not to train after 8 p.m.

6. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes


You should avoid coffee, alcohol and cigarettes before going to sleep as they can lead to insomnia. Coffee is a powerful stimulant that can keep you up all night. Alcohol can induce deep sleep, but only for two hours, as you’ll likely wake up later and not be able to go back to sleep. Cigarettes are another stimulant that won’t allow you to sleep well either. In addition, cigarettes are extremely harmful to health and highly addictive.

7. Always go to sleep at the same time


Going to sleep at the same time provides a very healthy routine for your mind and body. This way you tell your body how it should behave. If you acquire this habit, your body will work in such a way that you will always start to sleep at the same time. Best of all, your sleep quality will be optimal and you will wake up well rested, with a lot of energy to face your day.


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