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How To Find The Perfect Job?


Everyone around us is frequently in search of something. A kid might be in search of new candies or toys, a teenager might be looking for a cool hangout spot, or an adult might be looking for the perfect opportunity in life. Even after all these people find the things, they we were looking for, they tend to keep searching for more.

One such thing every human being continually searches for is the perfect job. Find the ideal job is like a job in itself for every individual. Some people struggle throughout their lives to find their dream job. At the same time, some people don’t need to wait that long to see their ideal job description.

This happens because finding the perfect job is dependent on multiple factors which you or may not seem to possess. Sometimes, finding the perfect job may not be how you interpreted it to be and can leave you unsatisfied. Job Satisfaction is the most critical characteristic required in every job you undertake. People earning a 6-figure salary per month may be unsatisfied and extremely unhappy with their line of work. Whereas, someone with a mere 4 figure salary per month can’t wait to get started on the job every morning

All these things are driven by one key component, which is passion. If you lack the passion, your search for your dream job is over before it even started. 

How To Find Passion In Life?

A lot of people out there are under the assumption that there is only one thing out there that can be our passion, that it’s predetermined by birth, and all we have to do is find it. But that’s not how it works

The truth of the matter is there are probably many things out there, which can potentially be your passion. It is entirely possible to have more than one passion. Numerous successful personalities have a passion for more than just one thing. 

Here are two things which you can do to discover your passion

  1. Change Your Dopamine Source

Dopamine is the chemical the brain releases that motivates us to do things. Without dopamine, you will starve to death even if there was food in front of you. The release of dopamine is accompanied by pleasure. However, the problem nowadays is that dopamine is very easy to get. It’s cheap and in abundance everywhere. Back in the day, people had to do stuff to get that dopamine. These include things such as undertaking and executing physically or mentally exerting tasks. While you were conducting these tasks, you were flooded with dopamine. If you follow this route, you naturally become passionate about whatever it is you did

  1. Expose Yourself To Different Forms Of Creation

Expose yourself to different forms of creation to give yourself a chance to get closer to your ideal job. The most effective method for exposing yourself to various forms of creation is by trying things out. This means searching for a list of hobbies you can pursue. Go through Wikipedia and if you see anything that seems even remotely interesting or fun, write it down and create a plan. Then take this list and ask yourself which of these hobbies should you try out first. Always ensure that you give enough time to see whether you can turn this hobby into your passion

How To Figure Out Which Job Is Right For You?

Before finding your ideal job, you must figure out which job is right for you. Everyone is unique, and so there isn’t any specific formula designed that can help you find the correct position. Instead, it is a process.

You can start by checking off whether you want to work in an office or outside, in a big or small organization, in a structured/unstructured way, and the salary you feel you need to get. All these factors are the significant things your checklist if you are currently on the hunt to find the job which is right for you

Figuring these points out makes it easier to decide what jobs you should apply for. But when it comes to figuring out what you want to do for the long run, for your career, and yourself, you need to dig deeper

Here are a few tips you need to figure out if you want to find the perfect job

  1. Introvert/Extrovert

The first thing you need to figure out is whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. If you already know the answer to this question, there are several career paths you can look into that will fit into your personality factor. 

  1. Take Personality Tests

In an old-fashioned approach, take a personality test. There are a ton of free personality tests available on the Internet 

  1. Get A Mentor

Though this comes later down the list, it is probably the first thing you should do. A mentor is anyone who you respect and can look up to because of their accomplishments or life choices. Or, a mentor could be someone who ideally works in the field you are interested in. Find that person or persons through your network. Connect with them either online or in person. Ask them for more insights into the field you are interested in. The more you connect and gather information, the better understanding you will have as to what you plan on doing in life

  1. Promotion Or Prevention?

Though it sounds stupid, you have to ask yourself if you are motivated by promotion or prevention. Promotion or prevention is similar to the introvert/extrovert difference. Some of us tend to see our goals as opportunities for advancement or winds of any kind. It is everything you gain if you go after something. People who view their goals in this manner are promotion-focused

However, the flip side of that is those people whose goals are about security. In other words, what danger you will avoid by not doing something. People who view their goals in this way are prevention-focused. 

Therefore, you have to figure out the category under which you fall. 


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