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How To Train Your Brain To Remember Almost Anything?

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Success is primarily based on what you know. Everything you know informs the choices you make. And those choices are either getting you closer to what you want or increasing the distance between you and your ultimate goals in life. Many people want to learn better and faster, retain more information, and be able to apply that knowledge at the right time.

However, not everyone can achieve that. This happens because numerous things go around us every day in our lives. In one day, a lot of information can fall on the human ear. Therefore, it becomes impossible to retain every piece of information that comes your way

EXAMPLE: During an argument, you naturally tend to defend your side of the argument. You back your statement with facts and figures. However, after the debate is over, you tend to realize that there were a lot of things you could’ve said during the argument. Therefore, even after winning or losing the argument, you tend to sulk about the things which you could’ve said during the argument but couldn’t.

This happens because our brain has processed a lot of information in one go. So, it becomes difficult for the brain to pass out information at times quickly. This is why we end up thinking about all the possible things which we could’ve said during an argument or in a particular situation

The reality is that we often forget a lot of what we learn. Human forgetting follows a pattern. Research shows that within just one hour if nothing is done with the new information,  most people would’ve forgotten about 50% of what they learned. After 24%, this amount increases to 70%, and if a week passes without that information being used, up to 90% of the information would be lost. 

Achievement, to a great extent, is dependent on what you know. All that you know educates the decisions you make. Furthermore, those decisions either get you closer to your goals or away from them. Numerous individuals need to learn better and quicker, hold more data, and have the option to apply that data at a suitable time. Yet, we overlook a ton of what we realize.

Why Do We Forget Things?

The human brain is probably the most mysterious organ in the human body. Though scientists always keep learning new facts about it, the brain still manages to hide a lot of its secrets. Over the years, several studies have been conducted regarding the human intellect and the ability to boost your brainpower.

Though the brain is the body’s most vital organ, it can sometimes fail us. Like in cases where we tend to forget someone’s name or blank out during a conversation. But how can someone forget something like that?

One of the many reasons as to why we forget things is because it only didn’t matter. All we need to know is how you can distinguish between the things that matter and the things which don’t. Once we know how to do this, our brain automatically processes the critical part and stores it for future references. 

All of the small details of any experience are combined into one event in your brain’s hippocampus. You are essentially a network of neurons that record the associations linked to the memory. Any of those associations, like hearing the name, seeing the symbol, can bring back that memory

However, problems arise when there is more than one memory associated with a given queue. If you ever met someone who looks like an old friend, it may be difficult for you to remember this new person’s name. This usually happens because the face already has some other meaning to you. This causes the memories to interfere with each other, which in turn leads to you forgetting the name of that person.

Decay theory states that memory slowly fades over time if it is not rehearsed often. So, if you do not frequently think about something, you’ll forget it. It makes sense. At the same time, you also have to be paying attention in the first place if you ever want to recall that information. Our attention span is one of the many reasons why we forget things. 

If you aren’t attentive, it is but evident that you will not remember any information from your interaction. Therefore, if you want to remember things more often, the first thing you will have to do is start working on your ability to pay attention to. Once you master this art, the chances of your brain remembering almost anything increases significantly. 

How To Train Your Brain To Remember Almost Everything?

To improve knowledge acquisition and retention, newly acquired information must be consolidated and securely stored in long term memory. Two components can characterize your long term memory; retrieval strength and storage strength

Retrieval strength measures how likely you are to recall something right now or how close it is to the surface of your mind. Whereas, storage strength measures how deeply your memory is rooted. Hence, if we want out learning to stick, we have to do more than just aim to read a book every or passively listen to an audiobook or a podcast

Instead, reread chapters, you didn’t comprehend the first time. Write down or practice what you have learned the previous week before continuing to the next chapter. Take Note every time you know something new, as this will help you retrieve what you have learned. 

By brushing, you’re cementing the knowledge which is already present in your mind. Research indicates that when a memory is recorded for the first time in the brain, it is still fragile and quickly forgotten. Our brains are continuously recording information on a temporary basis. 

To separate vital information from the clutter, scraps of conversations you hear on your way to work, things you see, and many such more things are recorded by our brain at certain intervals on a temporary basis


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