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Why Juggling Things In Life Is A Crash Course In Personality Development?

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There comes a phase in every individual’s life when he/she has to juggle many things simultaneously. At the same time, some people are juggling multiple things ever since they were a young boy/girl. This is because, in modern times, you need to be a multitasker or in other words, a juggler. Being able to multi-task is one of the critical components in the 21st century if you wish to be successful.

This is because, in life, a person has to be able to juggle many things to sustain a living for himself and his family. If you are a working family man, then you often find yourself in a situation when you have to juggle between your work life and family life. Not every adult can find the exact balance between his work and family. Those who do may be exhausted beyond measure. Some of us have so many things in life that we find it difficult to sleep at night. We seldom take a sick day, and when we do, we end up sleeping the entire day

To make matters worse, a lot of people find vacations challenging. It is not until day three before these people can begin relaxing. And by then, the vacation is almost over with

How To Stop Your Life From Juggling Out Of Control?

Whether you can juggle balls in the air or not, it is safe to say that we all have experience about juggling everything in life. We juggle work and family and friends and faith and bills and our child’s school play and health and our fitness. When you look at it, you will find that the list is endless.

Juggling non-stop, be it a set of balls or the essential things in life, is impossible. You have to take a break now. According to Genesis 2:2, ‘By the seventh day, God had finished the work he had been doing; so, on the seventh day, he rested from all his work.’

If you think God took a rest because he finished the job, you are missing the point. God didn’t rest because he needed to, but he rested to set an example for all of us

According to Psalms 127:2, ‘it is useless to rise early and go to bed late and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don’t you know God enjoys giving rest to those he loves? 

Here is are a few pointers to stop your life from juggling out of control

  1. Start Your Day Right

It can be tempting to skip the alarm and stay curled up in bed. But that won’t make the things take of itself. Instead, grab a cup of coffee and spend the first five minutes of your day getting your head and heart right before you go charging full speed ahead

  1. Enjoy the Journey

A lot of guys are so task-driven that they unrealistically think that they are going to tick off every single thing on their checklist before the day is over. However, that list never ends, and items keep getting added to that checklist. So, if you relate to this situation, you keep your list, but get a proper perspective. Hold on loosely and learn to enjoy the journey

  1. Take A Day Off

Everyone deserves a break. Be it a human or a machine; everything needs a change in their routine. A machine will tend to wear out if used non-stop. Similarly, the human body tends to wear out if you put it through hours of mental or physical work. Therefore, you must take a day off. Head to a weekend getaway, turn off your phone, spend time with your family, and ensure that you relax to the full. After working 50 hours a week, a 24-hour relaxation period will fuel you for handling the next 50. In other words, this is called as recharging your batteries. If we don’t take regularly scheduled breaks from all the balls, we are juggling in life, and the balls are eventually going to come crashing down on us

Work-Life Balance

If you compare a car to a human being, the most significant difference you will find is that the car only has one goal which is exceptionally clear and which is to go very fast down tarmac roads

As a general principle, no machine can be optimally efficient at more than one thing. A robot that has climb stairs and makes pancakes simultaneously will be far less efficient than two distinct devices, each of which can focus exclusively on single tasks

The more limited the goals, the higher is the rate of efficiency. Unlike the car or the robot, our brains are not designed or evolved to be maximally efficient at any one thing. Our mind is a cognitive and emotional machine which comes moderately equipped for a vast range of possible activities. 

These include activities such as writing a novel, spear a fish, raise a child, drive fast on empty roads, sit in a high-rise office writing reports, live in a posh penthouse, get married, stay single, explore the land, and many more. The price we pay for being generalists is that we’ll be less good at any one of the many activities we perform than someone who did only one thing their whole life.

Not able to succeed at everything you do might be a depressing moment when we look back across the day while we sleep. However, we should realize that our less than completely optimal performance is down to a very understandable thing. And the thing is that we’ve chosen breadth and variety over total focus and narrow perfection, and that is a wise choice

Focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all others has its costs. There’s a cost to be the human equivalent of a sports car. 


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