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Why Saying “NO” Is Important To Lead A Happier Life?

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So often, we all want to be liked by everyone around us. These include our colleagues, friends, teammates, and even strangers. We are in the constant need of being liked by everyone we are with. This is one of the most crucial characteristics of human nature. It is an entirely natural thing every human being has that everyone around us should like us. 

However, some people take it too far, and they start saying “YES” to everything the other person says. Every human passes through this phrase multiple times throughout his life. We start saying yes to things without knowing what we are getting into. We say yes in the hope that other person might like us better or might think about us in an extremely positive way. Though it feels suitable to yes on the one hand, on the other hand, every time you say yes to something, you are ultimately saying NO to something else that you could be doing with your time. 

People usually say yet to convince the other person as well as themselves that they aren’t selfish. No one wants to come off as selfish and wants everyone around to feel good about them and ultimately end up liking them. However, getting people to be feel good about, and like you can itself be selfish at times. 

A lot of times, saying yes becomes a habit for most people. These people end up speaking to everything that comes that way without knowing what they’re getting into. They end up saying yes without even knowing the question or what is it that they’ve said yes to. Though this may be a good habit at times, it puts a huge burden over the head of the person who says yes. And it is usually too late before we realize that we’ve said yes to more than we can handle or cope with. 

Throughout a lifetime, people say yes to many things without not know about it. People end up saying yes to a job that will have them working 12 hours a day, eventually stressing them out. If you fall into this category, then maybe its time you started working on it. Though it is rude saying NO all the time, it is equally foolish saying YES to everything. There is a delicate balance between the two which you have to find and maintain

Why Should You Say NO More Often?

We all know that we should say NO more offer. But we’re friendly people because of which it becomes challenging in saying NO and turn down requests. Ultimately, that is where most of our yeses go to. Saying YES is counterintuitive. We all know we should say NO more often. But we think we should do it because we already have so many good things to fill life with. Though it is right to some extent, the best moments of all are the tiny dots that will cover the gaps along the way. These dots are impossible to visualize beforehand. Though NO feels exceedingly harder to say, it is more empowering when do.

Life is full of requests. Your to-do list is a set of demands. So is your inbox, your Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, Twitter notifications, and the list goes on. When you’re starting in your career, contacts and customers, expect your free assistance while every phone call is a welcome distraction from your underdog status. 

As soon as you start seeing some level of productivity and success, you’ll be inundated with opportunities. But at the end of the day, they’re just requests. No matter how well they’re disguised, they are still requests. Saying NO is only the best defense like a lone disaster averted. Like all the good things in life take time, saying NO also takes time to compound, Our YESES are where the real danger lies. Though YES doesn’t feel special, it is. Because it is a thousand no’s combined making it thousand times more powerful

Reasons To Say NO

Besides our focus, there are multiple other reasons for saying NO. Let us see a few of those reasons to say NO

  1. Time

Time is the biggest reason to say NO, and it is the first one they throw at our head. If you agree to every little thing, you’ll have no time left for the big and important ones. Though regret sucks, small detours here and there don’t hurt much if you don’t allow them to pile up. 

  1. Energy

Every time of you say yes when you want to say NO, a part of you dies. Yes, is what drags you out of the house on a Friday night when you want to stay in. Yes, are what sneaks you into a room full of wrong people and yes is what twists your guts in the morning when you drive to a toxic job. You don’t seek time by saying NO, and it is a relief. Sometimes you want the burden off you, which is why you say NO. This happens because we’ve already exhausted our energy and can’t find too seem any for yet another job

  1. Contentment

Saying NO isn’t as much about happiness as it is about not being miserable. However, it is vital for contentment too but not the way we think. We need space to build our little fort of happiness, but we also need room for randomness. Therefore, you must ensure you set aside enough space for randomness. We are so burdened by our obligations towards our friends and family; there is no room for serendipity to occur. Therefore, you must leave space for serendipity in addition to randomness

  1. Open Mind

This is another reason why saying NO is very important—getting ahead at work, choosing your life’s projects, and not being drained by toxic people matters a lot in life. But if after all that, there is still nowhere to go for the moments in life you truly enjoy, why do it anyway?


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